Shooting Range

Annual meeting is February 13 7:30 pm annual dues are due. As per membership vote last year the new dues will be $325.00 no work done, or $275.00 if you worked.

Also those with camper storage if you did not complete your work days you will not be allowed to renew your camper storage.

If you worked make sure you have given Rick  your dates, if they are not documented they never happened. Email

Also you are required to have a current NRA card if you don't have it you will not be processed for renewal, last year I let a couple people pass with their word they would email me a copy never received them even after several emails SO NO CURRENT NRA NO RENEWAL. 




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Trap Shooting

Membership is by sponsor only. At this time there is a 3-4 year waiting list.

Club Contact Info:
Newark Sportsmen's Club
10251 Fox River Dr. 
Newark, IL. 60541 
Clubhouse Phone: 

Email to: