Illinois Bill #3239

This bill may possibly be passed in Illinois within the next 48-72 hours. I urge the members to notify their elected officials to vote it down. (Source: Washington Law)

What it contains:
#1 Requires a FOID Card holder to take a 8 Hour Gun Safety Live Fire Class to renew their FOID Cards. The class to be given by Law Enforcement. ( California has this and law enforcement is too busy to offer any classes. Plus- California is up to their chin in lawsuits as a result) Thus the Illinois taxpayer foots the bill to defend the state.

#2 A FOID Card Holder MUST apply for a permit from local Law Enforcement to purchase a firearm in Illinois. The permit issuing is subject to discretion of local law enforcement.

#3 All Purchases and renewal classes will be on record by the Illinois State Police to be accessible to all legal parties. (REGISTRATION)

#4 The penalty for FFL’s that do not require the “permits,” will be a Class 1 Felony. (5-15 years)


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