Member Bylaws

Revised February 4th 2024


The name of this corporation shall be Newark Sportsmen’s Club Inc. The registered office of this corporation, required by the Business Corporation Act, to be maintained in the State of Illinois, may be changed from time to time by the Board of Directors.


The object of this corporation shall be to bring together all those interested in a comprehensive program of conservation in order that they may work in cooperation with the Illinois State Department of Conservation and other governmental conservation and restoration of our renewable natural resources, in the development of a spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation between all classes and groups of conservationists, nature lovers, farmers and sportsmen, to the end that the interests of each group may be served to the fullest extent consistent with the rights and privileges of the others, and in addition, the object of this corporation shall be to carry on social, athletic, and recreational activities by and among its members.


Section 1. Anyone interested in hunting and fishing, and/or in the conservation and restoration of our renewable natural resources, may become members of this chapter upon payment of the dues as hereinafter set forth.

Section 2. Members, their spouse, and their families under legal age of 21 are entitled to all privileges of this club. Members may, from time to time bring guests to club activities, provided; however, that guests shall at all times be accompanied by a member and said member shall be responsible for his guests and accept all responsibility for their activities and release Newark Sportsmen’s Club from all liability in case of accident of any kind. Any family member at age 21 must apply for  membership to the club or will be considered a guest, with the exception of the physically disabled. (Passed: February 13, 1995)

Section 2a. No guest campers (in their own unit) allowed on holiday weekends and annual club picnic. A member in good standing is allowed to bring a guest camper twice in any one calendar year – duration of visit not to exceed three (3) days. A member in good standing shall be allowed to bring the same guests only twice in a given calendar year Provided Newark Sportsmen’s Club is not at full membership. If there are less than 200 members, the guest will be required to apply for membership to continue to utilize club facilities. Guests are allowed to utilize all club facilities with the exception that no fish may be harvested from the lake and hunting is not allowed. (Passed: February 12, 1979)

Section 3. The Newark Sportsmen’s Club membership shall be opened to a maximum of 200 members. If any portion of the prior years’ 200 members have failed to renew their membership by the end of the first Sunday following the regular members’ meeting in March of the current year, those memberships shall be opened to those on the waiting list until such time as the total membership reaches 200 members.

Section 4. The annual member’s dues shall be 325.00 dollars per year. (Passed: 2/10/2020) payable at the February or March membership meeting. Members must attend the February or March meeting to turn in key(s) and pay their dues unless prior arrangements have been made and approved by the board.

Section 5. Passed (02/10/20) A member has a duty to the club and must complete 10 hours of work per year documented as assigned by the work chairman. If a member fails to complete his work hours, he will be considered a member not in good standing and his membership can be terminated. If a member does not complete his work hours and wishes to remain a member, he can pay a $15.00 per hour penalty to the club per unworked hours. Many activities are readily available to fulfill the work requirement. NSC is an all-volunteer club that depends on its members for club management, maintenance, and administration. A member is defined as the paying member and his family. If a member’s family helps at a work function it is considered work hours for the member. Additional work hours are not added if a member and his family members attend a work function. It is the member’s duty to complete the work hours as a part of his/her membership. If a member is unable to complete his or her hour’s duties due to illness or injury, a spouse or significant other can complete them in their place. It is the member’s responsibility to report time worked to the secretary via email at A member 65 years of age or old will have mandatory work hours waived.  (Passed: February 10,2020 Rev. 2/4/24)

Accepted 02/10/2021.

Section 6. New Member Probation Period.

Each new member will be on a probation period for their first year of membership. This probation period will begin at the time of acceptance into the Newark Sportsmen’s Club and will end with their renewal at the following years’ annual meeting.

During this probation period if any new member does not follow any rule, they will be   subject to the following course of actions:

First offense – Verbal warning of infraction and member is put on notice. 

Second offense – Written warning of infraction.

Third offense – The member will be brought before the board and is subject to  removal from club.

The severity of any infraction may escalate the offense level. While on their probation period a member does not have the option to buy out their required work hours. If work hours are not performed the member will not be allowed to renew their membership.

Section 7. Any regular member, 65 years of age or older, who has been a regular member for at least one full year, may renew his or her membership for one-half of the current club membership dues. (Passed: February 13, 1995)

Section 8. A trap shooting membership will begin and end with the same calendar year as a regular club membership. A trap shooting membership will entitle a membership reduced fee for shooting trap. The fee will be decided by the trap chairman. A trap shooting membership will not entitle the member to any other club functions or facility. The fee can only be changed at the annual meeting. The fee is $25.(Passed: February 8, 1999 Rev. 2/4/24)

Section 9. Before any person may become a member of this corporation, he or she shall be proposed by a member in good standing of the club. A sponsoring member must be a member for at least 60 days. A single (1) negative (no) vote in response to a prospective member’s application for membership, shall prevent acceptance of the proposed member. Voting is to be by secret ballot, unless waived by membership present.

Section 10. Any member who has failed to pay his or her dues on or before the first Sunday following the regular members meeting in March shall forfeit his or her membership and aforesaid membership shall become the property of the club.

Membership cards are not transferable.

Section 11. Any past member who has forfeited his membership to the club and wishes to renew his or her membership shall be considered a new member and as such be subject to be placed on the waiting list if maximum membership has been reached, shall be subject to approval by a majority of the members present at any regular meeting; and shall be subject to initiation fees.

Section 12. Any member of good standing whose son or daughter has become of legal age (21) shall for the period of one year be entitled to join the club (unless in the armed forces, one year following discharge) by being sponsored by a member in good standing and by acceptance of a majority of members at any regular members’ meeting. The aforesaid person shall not be subject to a waiting list, thus actually allowing for the membership to increase to over 200 members for any current year.

However; following the deadline for membership renewal, if 200 members have failed to renew, membership shall be brought up to but not exceed 200 members.

Section 13. Any member that has lost his/her good standing and has been ejected from the club will not be allowed as a guest to a member of the club.(Passed: February 13, 1995) 


Section 1. The members shall elect annually a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and Board of Directors. The nomination shall take place at the October regular monthly meeting and the election at the December monthly meeting. The new officers may attend the Board of Directors meetings and will take office at the annual meeting in February.(Passed: February 8, 1993)

Section 2. Each officer must be elected by a majority vote at the December regular meeting. Each officer shall hold office until his successor shall have been elected or appointed in the manner herein.

 Section 3. Any officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the members at any regular members meeting.

Section 4. In the event of a vacancy in any office because of death, resignation, removal, disqualification or otherwise, said vacancy may be filled by the Board of Directors for the unexpired portion of the term.

Section 5. The president shall preside at all meetings and shall perform all duties incumbent to that office.

Section 6. The vice-president shall, in the absence of the president, exercise the powers and perform the duties of the president.

Section 7. The secretary shall keep a record of all the proceedings of the meetings and of all other transactions of the club. The secretary shall release the minutes upon request.

Section 8. The Treasurer shall receive all money belonging to the club and keep a true record of all money belonging to the club. The Treasure shall pay out club funds only  on order of the President and Board of Directors, or after a majority vote of the membership for approval. The trap, breakfast and archery committee Chairman may have their own checking accounts to pay normal operating expenses. Additional expenses exceeding one hundred dollars ($100.00) must be approved by the board of Directors. (Passed: February 14, 2011)

Section 9. The president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer shall be exempt from annual member’s dues during their term in office. The elected officers shall not receive or accept any other salary or reimbursement from the club while in office, except necessary expenses of any officer may be paid provided an account is submitted in writing and first approved by the Board of Directors.(Passed: February 8, 1993)

Section 10. It shall be the duty of the president and secretary, with subject to approval of the Board of Directors, to sign all or any contracts, agreements or legal documents, and the same shall then be binding upon the club.


Section 1. The annual meeting shall be held on the first Sunday in February of each year. (Amended 2/4/24)

Section 2. Annual and special meetings shall be called by the president and all members in good standing shall be notified by the secretary. The place of such meetings shall be designated on such notices. Notice will be placed on the website one month prior to the annual or special meeting.

Section 3. A special meeting may be called by the president or Board of Directors, and the president must call a special meeting at the request of any three members in good standing of the club.

Section 4. The regular monthly members meeting shall be held the second Sunday of each month at Newark Sportsmen’s Club house at 7:30 o’clock P.M. (Amended 02/05/2023)

Section 5. No business shall be conducted without a quorum being present. A quorum shall consist of 10 members in good standing.

Section 6. Voting on any question or any election except the removal of any officer may be voice, unless the presiding officer order, or any member shall demand that the voting be by ballot. If the voice vote is not unanimous then by default the voting will be by ballot to determine a 2/3rds vote. (See Article VII Section 1).


Section 1. The Board of Directors shall be composed of the four elected officers and the three elected members. (Passed: February 14, 2000)

Section 2. The business and affairs of the club shall be managed by its Board of Directors.

Section 3. A regular meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held without other notice than this by-law immediately before and at the same place as the regular members’ meeting.

Section 4. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the president or any two directors.

Section 5. Notice of any special meeting shall be given at least three days previous thereto by the secretary by written notice, and the attendance of a director at any meeting shall constitute a waiver of notice of such meeting.

Section 6. A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business at any meeting, and the act of the majority of the directors present at a meeting, at which a quorum is present, shall be the act of the Board of Directors.

Section 7. Any vacancy occurring in the Board of Directors may be filled for the unexpired portion of the term by a vote of the membership at the next regular meeting.

Section 8. The directors shall pay one half the annual members’ dues as well as no charge camper storage during their term in office. No other salary or reimbursement shall be received by a director while in office.(Passed: February 8, 1993)

Section 9. The officers shall have the power to make contracts, improve grounds, stock lake, and any other improvements not to exceed the amount of cash in the treasury upon majority board approval. (Rev. 2/4/24)

Section 10. The hunting, fishing and recreation rights shall be under the direct supervision of the Board of Directors.

Section 11. The board shall have the right to prescribe the time and manner in which these rights shall be exercised.

Section 12. Any member willfully violating any of these by-laws or rules lawfully laid down by the Board of Directors shall forfeit his membership in the club. The Board of Directors shall be the judge of all violations.

Section 13. One board member shall be present and preside over work Sunday every month starting in March. (Amended 02/05/2023)


Section 1. These by-laws may be amended by the Board of Directors and members, at the annual meeting of the club by two-thirds vote of the members in good standing present at the meeting. Roberts Rules of Order Art. IX 49. Committees Classified. A committee is a body of one or more persons appointed or elected by an assembly or society to consider, or investigate, or take action in regard to, certain matters or subjects, or to do all of these things.


Section 1. Membership, Social, Lake, Trap and Entertainment. These committees shall be appointed by the president of the chapter, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. The president, with the approval of the Board of Directors may appoint such other committees as may be necessary for the carrying on the work of the chapter.

Section 2. The Trap Committee duties shall be to conduct trap shoots, securing all trap   supplies and shall keep records of all trap supplies purchased and sold. The Lake Committee shall receive an annual funding as set by the Board of Directors or majority vote at any sanctioned club meeting to be used for management of the lake. (Passed: February 2014). Additional funds may be approved by a simple majority vote by the Board of Directors or members present at any sanctioned club meeting.


Section 1. Open seasons on fish and game shall be those allowed by the State of Illinois. The club reserves the right to determine the size, season and bag limits on fish and game on the club premises.

Section 2. Places shall be designated by the club to be used for recreation purposes and the manner in which they may be used.

 Section 3. All persons must be properly clothed at all times while enjoying the privileges of the ground.

Section 4. Members shall be permitted to use a boat on the lake. No member shall use another member’s boat without owner’s permission. No gas motors allowed.

 Section 5.  No intoxicating liquor shall be sold on the grounds, and any intoxicated person may be expelled from the grounds.

Section 6. The president and/or the vice-president shall have the responsibility of renting the clubhouse.


(Passed February 13, 1978)

Section 1. Anyone (member or nonmember) wishing to rent the clubhouse must get approval from the President or Vice President and all requests are subject to final approval or disapproval to be made by the Board of Directors.

Section 2. A representative of all approved rental parties must sign the Newark Sportsmen’s Club rental agreement releasing the Newark Sportsmen’s Club of all liabilities and placing total responsibility upon the rental party. Also a signed release, dram shop, and proof of liability insurance in amounts specified by the board. Rental fee and security deposit must be placed with the president or vice-president at the time the rental agreement is signed.

Section 3. Security deposit required: Members in good standing shall place their membership card in possession of the Board. Non-members shall place a security deposit with the board not less than one hundred fifty (150). Actual amount of the deposit to be set by the Board of Directors prior to approval of the rental.

Section 4. Rental fees: Rental fee shall be determined by the Board of Directors. (Passed February 14, 2000)

 Section 5. Benefits/charity: The Newark Sportsmen’s Club Board of Directors has the authority to waive in its entirety, or any portion of, the rental fee and security deposit for the benefit or charity functions. 

Article XI Elections

Section 1. Nominations will be made at the October meeting and nominations must be made in person. The nominee need not be present but must have accepted either by letter, text, or email to the Secretary no later than the Friday prior to the nomination meeting. Nomination must be accepted and seconded by the members present at the meeting.

 Section 2. The nominees will be posted on the club’s webpage for all members to see no later than one (1) week after the nomination meeting.

Section 3. Proxy votes will be allowed but must be received by the Secretary no later  than the Friday before the election meeting to the Secretary only. Any votes sent either to board members or officers other than the Secretary will not be counted. The secretary will verify that the member is in good standing. The President or appointed board member or officer will verify proxy votes on the night of election to ensure members  are not present to vote and are in good standing. Proxy votes must be sent either by letter, text, or email with the member’s name and votes for election. Member may vote for one (1) of each President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Member may also enter no more than three (3) votes for board of directors. Member’s names will be blacked out so the vote remains secret but the secretary will retain these records.

Section 4. The election will take place at the December meeting and will be run by the President. All votes present and proxy (received the Friday before) will be allowed at this time and counted.

Section 5. No mailings will be sent out, all communication on nominations and elections will be posted on the web page. The club will not send out absentee ballots so members that cannot attend will be allowed proxy votes.

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