Member Rules

Revised February 4th 2024



  1. Main gate is to be locked at all times unless a club function or rental is in progress. (Rev. 2/4/24)
  2. Trash is to be placed in proper containers. If the dumpster is full at the bottom of the hill, take trash to the top dumpster. If both are full, please take garbage home. All firearms and airguns are to be used in their designated ranges. The same applies to archery equipment unless special permission is obtained from the club president or a member of the board of directors.
  3. Disorderly conduct and drunkenness will not be permitted on club grounds. Drinking and drunkenness will also not be tolerated at the meetings. You will either be asked to leave or forfeit you membership.( Rev. 2/4/24)
  4. Membership cards and keys are non-transferable. 
  5. No blocking roads or gate. When the ground is soft, vehicles are to remain on the gravel areas. No parking or camping on the basketball court. 
  6. No children under 16 years of age will be allowed on club grounds without adult supervision. Children and guests must be accompanied by and are the responsibility of the member. 
  7. A 5 MPH speed limit is to be observed by all motorized vehicles on driveway and club grounds. No unsafe operation of vehicles will be permitted. 
  8.  Any member discovered destroying or stealing personal or club property will lose their membership permanently.
  9. Every member of the N.S.C. has the responsibility to challenge anyone in violation of club rules. 
  10. No guest campers (in their own units) allowed on holiday weekends or annual picnic, except with permission from the board. A member in good standing can bring in a guest camper twice (2) in one calendar year. Duration of visit not to exceed three (3) days. Guest campers may not be set up in advance. Guests can utilize all club facilities except for no fish are to be harvested from the lake and guest hunting is prohibited. 
  11. During work hours Sundays, from 9:00 am till 12:00 pm, the club recreation facilities will be closed to all members and guests during working hours. (Rev. 2/4/24)
  12. All new or modified rules shall be voted on by the general membership at the monthly meeting. 
  13. During designated archery 3D shoots the club grounds will be closed. Campers should be parked at the east end of the campgrounds to allow for additional range positions. Exceptions may be made by the archery committee. 
  14. A member is limited to one guest or guest family at a time on the rifle/pistol range or to fish on the lake. Any person who has been a guest more than two times must join the club to continue using the facilities. Only if the membership falls under 200 members. The member will be held responsible for their guests to comply with all rules.
  15. During club functions, no pets will be allowed in the area of the beach, playground or the horseshoe pits. Clean up after your pets. 
  16. The fiscal success of the Newark Sportsmen’s Club relies on supporting club functions and raffles.  That effort should be distributed across the membership and not have the responsibility lie on a few people.  All members are expected to participate in the selling of raffle tickets and/or other promotional items for the club.  The club may require members pre-pay for raffle tickets that they are responsible to sell.  The number and value of those tickets shall not exceed $100.00 for the annual fundraiser the board shall spread tickets evenly across the membership. (Added 01/13/2020) 
  17. Camping fees for electric are as follows: 50 amp is $8/day and 20/30 amp is $5/day. (Added 01/09/2022) (Amended 02/05/2023)



  1. The board has the authority to eject anyone from the swimming area. Failure to obey the board will be reported to the club president. (Rev. 2/4/24)
  2. No swimming alone at any time. 
  3. No rough housing allowed on the raft or in the wading area. 
  4. No swimming under the raft. 
  5. No non-swimmers beyond the first rope. 
  6. Special permission is needed from the club president or member of the board before anyone can use scuba equipment in the lake. 
  7. Children under the age of 16 must have adult supervision within sight at all times while in the swimming area. 
  8. No Boating, swim rafts, kayaks, or canoes in the swim area. (2/4/24)



  1. Storage fees for campers will be $125.00 per year. This fee must be paid in advance. All campers will be numbered by the board of directors. Storage area is for paid member’s campers only who have completed 10 work hours and the equivalent as approved by the board (Due to medical reasons or if handicapped please see the President or Vice President.) Camper storage is limited to one per member. Storage is to be used by members utilizing the campground. If camper is not used in the campground storage will be forfeited and camper will be removed from club property by member. 
  2. Camping units (campers, tents, etc.) must use sites within the Harry Kreider Memorial Campgrounds. In the event the campground is full, the area at the top of the hill may be used. Camping outside designated areas allowed only if approved by the club president or board of directors. 
  3. Camping units should not remain in one zone for more than 2 weeks. Tents shall be moved each week. See map posted in the campground. 
  4. Campers should be removed from the camping area when not attended for more than 48 hours. If your storage fee is paid, the camper must be parked along the east end of the campground along the fence line. If no fee has been paid, the camper must be removed from club property. 
  5. Extended camping of more than 2 weeks at one time will be charged $25.00 per day. This fee will be due on the 15th day of consecutive camping. Camping will be allowed free of charge again (with the exception of electric fees) after a 2-week interval of not using the camping facilities. No camper should be in use more than 2/3rds of any given month without prior given consent from the board. 
  6. When not in storage, campers left unattended for more than 5 days and/or in 1 zone for more than 2 weeks, will be moved by NSC and a fee of $50.00 will be charged. It is very important for campground maintenance and to the fairness of all campers that you move your camper. The board of directors has the authority to request or remove any camper from club property that abuses the rules. The only exception to this rule is in the case of the grounds being too wet. In the occurrence of heavy rain or rains causing the grounds to be exceptionally wet, please use good judgment and remove camper as soon as the ground is firm. If grounds are damaged and not repaired, the club reserves the right to fix damage and asses a $50 repair fee plus materials to the parties responsible. 
  7. Only designated fire pits may be used for campfires. No ground fires. No oil will be allowed for the use of burning. Discretion should be used as to the amount of wood used. Firewood may be brought to the club for burning as long as it is not treated, when leaving stack firewood so as not to obstruct the mowing of grass. 
  8. Pets must be kept under control of the owner or on a leash (max 10 ft) while in the campground. No pets in the swimming area when swimmers are present. Clean up after your pets. (Rev.2/4/24) 
  9. Power generators will be turned off by 11:00 pm, when campers are present. Quiet time is 11:00 pm thru 8:00 am. 
  10. Electric for campers, tents, etc. is $5/8 per day If you plug it in you must drop it in. Envelopes for payment will be located at the pavilion by the telephone. PLEASE write your name and dates on the outside of the envelope and deposit in the box. (Amended on 02/05/2023) 
  11. When moving your camper, please clean up your campsite of any garbage and remove all camper leveling boards. Remove trash from fire pits. (Rev. 2/4/24)
  12. On Sundays, the blue garbage cans should be emptied into the dumpster. 
  13. Guest Campers pay a flat rate of $10/day and tents $5/day, this includes electric. (Added on 02/05/2023)
  14. 55 gallon drums are for grill ashes. Do not dump ashes in the woods. (Added 2/4/24)
  15. Split wood and logs are not to be removed from club property. (Added 2/4/24)



  1. No fishing in the wading area – from the beach to the first rope. Fishing is allowed in the swimming area when no swimmers are present. 
  2. No minnows allowed as live bait. 
  3. No gasoline motors allowed on the lake. Electric trolling motors are permitted. 
  4. No fish of any kind are to be added to the lake without express permission of the lake chairman. 
  5. No fish are to be discarded on club grounds. 
  6. When possible, fish should be taken home to be cleaned. When fish are cleaned on club property, remains and scraps of fish are to be properly disposed of. 
  7. No children under the age of 16 can use club boats unless accompanied by an adult. All boaters must have a floatation device in the boat. Children under 16 must wear a life jacket. Boats are not to be overloaded. 
  8. No person allowed on ice alone. No children under the age of 16 allowed on the ice without an adult. 
  9. Return all N.S.C. property to the proper storage area. 
  10. Guests are not allowed to harvest fish at any time. 
  11. Anyone fishing over the age of 16 must have a current Illinois fishing license. 
  12. Lake will be closed during firearm hunting season. (Feb. 14, 2012) 
  13. No firewood is to be hauled in boats. (Added 2/4/24)



  1. Children 16 years of age and under must be accompanied by parent or guardian.
  2. Bird and field shot are only allowed at designated backstops.
  3. No fireworks permitted at any time in the campground. (Rev. 2/4/24)
  4. No armor piercing or tracer bullets allowed at any time.
  5. No fully automatic weapons, trigger cranks or any aftermarket devices that allow conversion to full auto or partial auto firing allowed.
  6. All shooters are expected to clean up the range area after shooting. Glass and steel targets are not to be used. Pop cans and milk cartons should be removed and placed in the trash.
  7. All targets must be placed on the face of the backstop, NOT ON TOP for safety reasons.
  8. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances allowed on the range. Anyone under the influence is not permitted on the range.
  9. Range is closed during organized work parties, trap shoots, and clubhouse functions.
  10. Thirty minutes’ time limit when someone is waiting for the range. Alternating in 30 min intervals.
  11. Eye and ear protection is required when on the rifle range.
  12. The range shall be CLOSED until 10:00 AM from Oct 1 to Jan date (determined by the state of Illinois), for hunting.
  13. Non-members will be charged a range fee of $10 per person/per day. Please put the fee in provided envelopes with member and guest names along with fee prior to use of the gun range.  Fee does not apply to member’s spouse and children under 21.
  14. Any member who violates or allows to be violated any range rule shall be called before the board and may be suspended or terminated from the club.
  15. There shall be no shoulder holsters allowed.
  16. All members and guests must sign in and out. (Added on 02/05/2023)



  1. All guns shall be open and empty when in racks or being carried to or from the shooter station. 
  2. No shot larger than 7 1/2 at any time, periodically 9 shot must be used when deemed necessary by the trap chairman for our neighbor’s safety. 
  3. Light field and trap loads are permitted. 
  4. Eye and ear protection is required when on the trap range. 
  5. No snap caps in the club house.



  1. Workdays must be completed before hunting is allowed on club grounds. 
  2. All deer stands must be marked with the owner’s name and blue pin marking location on the map, red pin marking when occupied. 
  3. Archery hunting allowed in designated areas with permission slip obtained from the president or a member of the board. 
  4. No hunting without proper licenses, stamps and FOID card. ALL STATE LAWS APPLY. 
  5. No children under the age of 16 can hunt without being in direct eyesight of a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian must have a valid FOID card and license. 
  6. Deer stands are allowed from the Tuesday after the third weekend of September through February 15. The board of directors has the authority to remove any deer stands that are in violation and it will become the property of NSC.  There will be a $50 removal fee charged for removal. (Rev. 2/4/24)
  7. Shotgun and muzzleloader hunting allowed only by special permission via drawing. Any member with a permit must wear orange per state rules. (Amended 02/05/2023)
  8. No guest hunters. 
  9. NO Hunting south of the range after 9:30 AM. 
  10. The use of motorized vehicles for hunting shall be restricted to: 
  • Removal of taken game 
  • Moving of tree stands or other hunting concealment devices. 
  • The moving of hunting equipment or decoys 

ATV’s or other motorized vehicles shall not be used to transport persons to and from stands unless otherwise stated or a physical handicap requires the use of such equipment. 

  1. Before hunting you must check with the secretary to verify your work hours and card must be signed by an officer and present with you when you hunt. (Added 02/05/2023)
  2. Hunters must attend September’s meeting for archery drawing to hunt on paintball side. We will have 6 primary and 3 alternates. (Added 02/05/2023)
  3. Hunters must attend October’s meeting for firearm season. We will have 6 primary and 3 alternates. (Added 02/05/2023)
  4. There will not be archery or crossbow allowed during firearm season. (Added 02/05/2023)
  5. Any hunting, you must sign in and out, you must also pin in and out, and record what you harvest. (Added 02/05/2023)
  6. Blind owners have the right to their own blind or tree stand until 1 hour before legal hunting time.  If the blind owner does not claim their location 1 hour before legal hunting time, other hunters may utilize that location. (Added 2/4/24)
  7. Members must attend a mandatory meeting and drawing following immediately after the March regular meeting for Spring turkey hunting. New members are not eligible for first year turkey season. Minimum work hours must be met before hunting. (Added 2/4/24)
  8. Members must attend a mandatory meeting following immediately after the September regular meeting for any hunting on NSC club property. (Added 2/4/24)


  1. Work Days must be complete. We will verify
  2. All state rules apply
  3. Hunting is only allowed on specified days and times. No hunting doves behind the clubhouse on weekends.
  4. Hunting is only allowed within 10 feet of stakes
  5. 7 ½ shot or smaller lead is allowed
  6. No more than 4 hunters from one stake
  7. No shots on the ground or straight out. Shooting should be up towards the sky.
  8. Shoot only towards the dove field
  9. Watch for hunters retrieving birds
  10. Leave gun at stake when retrieving birds
  11. Always sign in and out marking wounded and killed
  12. Dogs are allowed but must be controlled
  13. Dates and times will be posted on the website. We will be checking to make sure work days are complete. If you do not complete your work days and choose to hunt, or if you choose to hunt outside of specified days and times, you will be called in front of the board and membership may be lost. Newark Sportsmen’s Club Board and members work hard to make it enjoyable. Please keep it that way.



  1. There will be no concealed carry at any club function where alcohol is present with the exception of individuals approved by the board for security purposes. 
  2. Concealed only to be used on rifle range. 
  3. Discharge of concealed weapons other than on the range will result in loss of membership.
  4. Any violation of State rules and laws brought to the attention of the board will result in loss of membership or loss of right to carry on club property 

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